Retail Cybersecurity Services

Security has always been a challenge for the retail industry. Retailers rank low compared to financial and tech companies. This is evident, as the retail industry by far has experienced some of the most notable data breaches putting brand reputation and customer trust at serious risk. Unfortunately, the damage can be widespread, significantly affecting a retailer’s business, partners, and, most, importantly, its customers.

From an attacker’s point of view, the retail industry is a virtual “Gold Mine” because they are control large amounts of customer data, which can be used to identify theft and other nefarious activities. One has to access the “Dark Web” to see the thriving market for credit card information.

Regulatory and industry pressures have given rise to tighter, broader security requirements, and Retailers turn to new technologies and services to secure sensitive data such as credit card numbers and other relevant information.

As the business is the bottom line, operational margins, and profitability, ensuring a cost-effective and appropriate security solution is both a strategic and fiduciary that ensures compliance to regulatory standards such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). 

CORE focuses on these needs by developing a specifically tailored security solution to fits your requirements and needs. We do not just provide you answers. We know your industry, and therefore we can provide the solution that is right for you.

Confidential Information and Cybersecurity

    Detect and stop any malicious attacks on applications, POS terminals, and IT infrastructure

    Identify suspicious behavior, insider threats and credential abuse

    Prevent ransomware attacks

PCI DSS Compliance

    Penetration testing and vulnerability scans

    Security event monitoring and log retention

    Compliance dashboards, reports, and workflow

Targeted Attacks

    Advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and business context modeling

    Real-time investigation and assessment

    Remediation response - rapidly block or contain attacks

In-house Security Team

     A Fully managed SOC services – increased visibility, improved effectiveness, reduced operational costs 

     Automated workflow and response for quick mitigating action

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