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Mr. Wayne Ignatius Shaw

Welcome and thank you for visiting the CORE website. I'm Wayne Shaw,Founder, and Managing Director of CORE.

Our Company's purpose, to solve complex cybersecurity and cyber risk-related challenges, is what we do in a broad, enduring sense. This purpose has been evident since the establishment of the company when we set out to build a premium cybersecurity Managed Service Provider.

Today, cybersecurity is a top priority for everyone. Each day, new security threats are targeting many businesses. These threats are more focused, more destructive ,and to make matters worst, cyber-criminals have weaponized and turned the very processes and systems against companies for which they use to conduct business.

We must be vigilant and protect our business from compromise. At CORE, we are ready to help you secure your business from potential security threats by providing you with the best experts, services, and solutions.  Let us show you what we can do for you.