CORE provides a series of managed security services to accommodate those clients whose businesses do not have the necessary resources, skill-sets, and time in-house to manage their security process. We can deliver on the following services.

What is Vulnerability Assessment Management?

Simply put, vulnerability is the process of assessing your infrastructure to identify security gaps with your systems, e.g. misconfigurations, unpatched systems, illegal software installations, rogue user IDs, and flaws with application design.

What can a vulnerability assessment do for you?

One of the primary deliverables of a VS is to provide insight on how effective your patch management and tools are.


Provide a way forward in achieving and maintaining compliance that satisfies your security and audit teams.


Act as a stamp of approval for customers and investors.


Demonstrate that the likelihood that your business will be impacted by a security event related to an unmaintained system is reduced.


Aid in reducing risks from data breaches and system compromise will benefit the organization's customers and reputation.

Vulnerability Assessment Management

As a part of best practice practices, companies are required to conduct regular schedule assessments of their internal infrastructure, unfortunately, many are falling short, or unable to do so due to various reasons such as the lack of resources, in-house skill-set, and time. For whatever reasons, they are deficient in one of security's basic and fundamental requirements.

Not being able to fulfill this basic security process can lead to a number of problems for the organization, from audit findings, high-risk security gap exposure, and potential susceptibility to breaches. 

CORE work with clients to deliver on their strategic needs and requirement regarding vulnerability assessment.

Penetration Testing

General and blanketed penetration testing are not always suitable for just any organization. Each organization is different, so is its strategy and business model. Furthermore, hackers just do not arbitrarily attack a company. Instead, hackers design and launch attacks specifically t their targets, meaning each is focused and precise to the target organization.

Conducting focused testing of your environment is an essential first step in effectively securing your company.  "There is no general solution fix all". CORE pen-testers focus on these attributes to design a test specific to your organization's needs. A part of best practice practices, companies must conduct regular schedule assessments of their internal infrastructure. Unfortunately many are falling short or unable to do so due to various reasons such as the lack of resources, in-house skill-set, and time. For whatever reasons, they are deficient in one of security's basic requirements.

Security Awareness Training

Essential to a company's first line of defense, companies must ensure their staff is adequately trained in their roles and responsibilities for security in their job roles. Implementing a managed training process is a key "first look" factor for auditors when a breach occurs.

Many breaches and security gaps exist in companies due to a lack of awareness and training amongst employees. Auditors, regulators, customers, and investors are demanding companies fulfill this basic of requirements. So how do you do it? CORE will develop a tailored and targeted program for your organization.

Enhanced Simulated Phishing

Do you have to comply with an audit or regulatory requirements regarding your awareness readiness? Hav your company fallen victim to Phishing or Ransomware? Or you have decided to conduct more frequent Phishing testing of your organization? Did you know that 98% of cyber-attacks start with a Phishing email? 

Having an effective awareness program that includes a tailored Phishing process is crucial in strengthening your cyber defenses.

CORE provides an Enhanced Simulated Phishing service that arms companies with the neccessary training to thwart and defend against Phishing attacks.

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