CORE Digital Forensics and Incident Response Services help businesses predict, detect, and mitigate security incidents by identifying gaps in the existing security infrastructure. The service identifies, collects, analyzes and utilizes the digital evidence to ascertain the root cause of security breaches. CORE helps with:

Incident response: Identify root cause of attacks and suggest containment measures to stop the spread of infection and prepare for rapid response by using incident response retainer and quickly address the most pressing concerns

Digital forensics: Perform forensic procurement and investigation of on-promise, cloud, and containerized systems at scale to keep the chain of custody and ensure the safety of forensic data. Detect malware, suspicious events, and personal identifiable information risks by combining intensive analysis with full content inspection.


With CORE services, enterprises can:

  • Prevents  potential attackers through effective investigation capability
  • Drive contextual risk management to rapidly uncover stealthy attacks and attackers
  • Ensure 100% compliance with regulations for reduced cost of disclosure of data
  • Reduce breakdown of critical information systems and network downtime
  • Increase profitability by reducing revenue leakage and cost of investigations
  • Enhance customer confidence by reducing risk of major losses

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