CORE's Security Audit Services

At CORE, we utilize our extensive knowledge and experience in the different industries for conducting audits to offer you real-world audit services and solutions. An audit can be a challenging process. Therefore, being prepared before an audit makes all the difference. Our team will help you to prepare for your audit.

Types of Audits we conduct

-       Basic Audit

The basic audit is a five-day audit service offering a high-level security audit of your organization and IT infrastructure. This security audit is a valuable precursor towards assessing adherence with regulatory compliance, such as ISO/IEC 27001, NIST, and JPIPL/PIP Japanese Privacy Information Protection Law.

The audit focuses on the identification of critical threats, vulnerabilities, and risks present in your organization and covers the following areas:

a)       Governance and Strategy

b)       Standards and Policies

c)       Physical Security

d)       Access Control

e)       Contractual Compliance

f)        BCP/DR and Incident Management

g)       Technical IT Security Controls

h)       Awareness Education

i)         Third-Party Management

j)         Secure Development

The audit results are a high-level summary report of the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities identified.

-       Advance Audit

The advance audit is an exhaustive and in-depth audit service offering that does a deep dive into your organization and IT environment.

The advance audit caters to towards a company's annual audit review process. In addition, the CORE team works with internal stakeholders to map out the organization's conformity to the internal established and industry security standards and policies.

a)       Governance and Strategy

b)       Standards and Policies

c)       Physical Security

d)       Access Control

e)       Contractual Compliance

f)        BCP/DR and Incident Management

g)       Technical IT Controls

h)       Awareness Education

i)         Third-Party Management

j)         Secure Development

A detailed report of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities identified and recommendations, providing directions on how to remediate and prioritize the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities identified.




-       Third-Party/Outsourcing Assurance Audit

Are you confident your third-party supplier's security is in place and is effectively protecting YOUR organization? Unfortunately, many breaches occur due to t lack of security by third-party vendors. Our Third-party focused audit generates a detailed report and recommendations that provide our clients with the assurance they need to satisfy auditors. 

Benefits of using an External Firm.

An audit can be a daunting exercise for an organization, especially since they are responsible for other crucial business activities. Also, many of the time, companies fail an audit because of a lack of internal skills.

Key benefits of using an outside firm for audit preparation include:

Save time

CORE audit service enables you to reduce the time your team spends preparing audit documents. Companies spend as much time preparing for the audit as the audit firm spends conducting the onsite portion of the audit. Using our experienced audit-prep team, your company saves significant, and essential personnel can focus on the company's job.


Auditors need well-organized documents to complete an audit efficiently. If you do not organize your information correctly, auditors will need to spend more time asking you questions. Using an experienced audit prep team, your company can save money by reducing the auditor's time collecting information.

Can your auditing firm prepare you for an audit?

No. Regulations prohibit auditors from auditing a firm and providing audit preparation services to the same firm. Meaning, the firm that audits you can't prepare you for the audit is called "Segregation of Duties." Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure you get the information and data prepared in time for the audit. To ensure compliance, you need to 1. Designate and assign internal resources (often these are unqualified personnel who take time and do not do the job correctly).or 2. Hire an external firm.  Hiring an independent firm not associated with your auditing firm is the only choice for audit preparation services.

Our team can help you prepare. With our years of auditing experience, we understand what auditors need. Our audit prep experts will make sure your documents and data necessary for the audit are compiled and verify before your audit begins. Being prepared when the auditor (s) arrives will ensure smoother auditing. In addition, we will free up your time before the audit and enable you to remain productive.

We will work with the responsible stakeholders to prepare all the identified audit items without impacting their work. In addition, we will conduct follow up with you periodically to ensure your environment is in line throughout the year and conduct pre-audit checks prior to each audit. 

What is involved in the CORE IT audit preparation?

Before the impending audit, our audit experts will:

1.       Work with your IT and setup data/information repository

2.       Compile electronic/ documents

3.       Verify information

4.       Prepare evidence documentations

5.       Follow up and verify systems, processes, and documentation on IT/business

Where necessary, we will sit with the auditors on your behalf.


We Conduct Our Audit Preparation Based on these Standards

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) (ISO/IEC 27001)

Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)



Information Technology General Control (ITGC)

Governance Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

Japanese Financial Service Agency (JFSA)

Center For Internet Security (CIS Controls)

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Control Objectives (COBiT)

Information Technology Risk and Controls (ITRC)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Our audit focuses on the particular client's requirements

Security Audit Remediation

Upon the completion of the audit, the challenging work begins. Remediation works are time-consuming, and often a company does not have the resources to complete the job as directed by the auditors, especially where retesting is a concern. Our experienced team can assist the client in remediation activities so that they can meet the closure requirements set by the auditors and meet the organization's global audit and risk closure deadline.