CORE helps the CIO and CISO to zero-in on practical, relevant solutions for integrating the appropriate cyber resilience into the company's management, governance, and technology within the budget and the time-frame that has been specified by the CEO and Board in their strategic investment decision.

Activities include, for example, the design, construction, staffing, and initial operations of a new Security Operations Center (SOC) or renovation of an existing one. It also covers the creation of procedures, responses, and remediation's—in other words, resilience—after an incident occurs to ensure business continuity.

At CORE, training is also a pillar of excellent implementation. We can train employees and vendors in the client's company. Exercise might be a skills brush-up for the CISO, hardcore in-service training for an engineer, or general awareness training for regular non-technical employees.

CORE decades of cybersecurity experience within multinational corporations, the military, and the auditing community. We are experts at protecting critical systems, data, and networks worldwide. Clients can avail themselves of this expertise to protect their people, their customers, and their business prosperity.