Blockchain Encryption Security Challenge 

Our Blockchain Data Protection technology is a new technology developed by the CORE team. It is unlike any data protection technology currently on the market.

This technology enables users, companies, or industries to protect data using sophisticated new encryption technology. The technology also protects data transfer using its proprietary protocols. This challenge is a "Crowd Testing" before full development for the market.  

For this challenge, we have used this technology to protect a valuable Bitcoin wallet private key. We invite hackers, security experts, developers, and researchers to break our protection technology and access that private key. The prize is an online wallet containing bitcoins. If anyone successfully defeats the encryption and gains access to the wallet, they can own it and its content.

As described in the video below, we have placed a valuable wallet private key in a text file and protected it with our technology. 

This short video is a demo of our technology. A complete market version is in development as we acquire investment to bring it to market. 



In the video, we will show how the technology is used to protect some files.  We are going to demonstrate how to protect three digital assets with our technology.

1. PrivateKeyOfTheWallet.txt will be protected and chained in SourceOfTheTech.7z
2. SourceOfTheTech.7z will be protected and chained in banking_digital_safebox_service_proposal.pdf, and finally
3.  Banking_digital_safebox_service_proposal.pdf protected and chained in the video above

Download the video above and attempt to extract the protected digital assets contained within it.

Rules: If you are successful in defeating the technology, we ask that you provide an overview of how it was accomplished.


Send us your feedback on the challenge.