Parrot vs Kali Linux

Parrot vs Kali Linux

Parrot vs KALI

In the world of Pentesting, there is a new contender on the rise. Parrot. Parrot is not necessary a newcomer, but it has not been given as much as much attention in the pen-testing arena as Kali Linux. 

All that is about to change. As Parrot is gaining ground, will it replace Kali as the premiere Pentesting tool? The jury is still out, however, it is important to know that many of pen-testing greats have already crossover. To including yours truly. Well, not completely. I’m still testing but so far, it appears that Parrot is giving Kali a run for its money.

I’ve been using Kali for some time, and especially since starting my cyber business. Recently, I’ve started using Parrot as well, as it’s beginning to increase in popularity. I wanted to test it myself. I was hooked. How come?  Well, for one Parrot is much lighter, faster, and very versatile. Meaning it works well with the different systems without any glitches. A surprise. 

Parrot has gone through tremendous lengths to outdo Kali, or at least level the playing field.  First, the graphical interface is more user friendly. At full capacity, it only consumes approximately four hundred MB of RAM. Not to mention it does not hark your system resource. The transition between the different tools on the system is very smooth. It has some tools that Kali does not, such as cryptography. 

It will be interesting to see the outcome, whether Kali retains the lead or lose out to Parrot.   No matter, the outcome, I’m using both whenever possible, and continue to test the differences. As a pentester, you should have both tools in your arsenal.

Wayne Ignatius, CEO, CORE

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